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In this area of our website you can learn all about the Galapagos Islands: the history, the issues and about the unique wildlife that lives there. It also contains information about visiting the Islands, which includes a list of tour operators that support our work and a guide to taking photos once you are there. Last but by no means least you can learn about Charles Darwin - one of the most famous visitors to the Enchanted Islands, as they are also known.

* This area is currently being updated, thanks for your patience!*

15th Anniversary Appeal The Islands and their wildlife

More than ever there is a need to preserve these unique and beautiful islands for all their inhabitants and for the world. Read here about the Islands and their wildlife.

Flightless Cormorant © Tui De Roy Projects supported by GCT

From Project Floreana to research into the parasitic fly Philornis Downsi, GCT is funding vitally important projects. Read here for more information.

Tourists in a panga © Alison Chopra Visitor information

Everything you need to know about tour operators, boats, guides, the climate, what clothes to pack and much more can be found here.

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