Payroll Giving

1. What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll giving is the most tax effective way for PAYE tax payers to give to charity directly from their salary. It is tax effective because the amount you decide to give is deducted from your pay before tax is calculated (the tax savings are even greater for higher-rate payers).

£5.00 £3.90 £3.00
£10.00 £7.80 £6.00
£50.00 £39.00 £30.00

2. Why is payroll giving so important to the Galapagos Conservation Trust?

Most conservation programmes are on-going and require committed, long-term funding. In an increasingly uncertain world, regular contributions allow us to make realistic budgets so that we can be more effective in our work. We will keep you informed by sending you regular copies of our newsletter.

3. Can anyone join a Payroll Giving Scheme?

Yes, provided your employer is registered with a payroll giving agency. We will ask your employer to sign up if they are not already registered.

4. Can I cancel my donation at any time?

Yes. Simply inform your payroll department at work and deductions will cease.

5. How much should I give?

You can give any amount you wish. The previous limit of £1,200 p.a. was removed by the government in April 2000, so whatever your tax rate, you can give through your company's Payroll Giving Scheme.

6. How do I join?

Simply contact the Galapagos Conservation Trust at; Charles Darwin Suite, 28 Portland Place, London, W1B 1LY, phone 020 7399 7440 or email and we will send you a form. Complete and return the form and we will do the rest.